3 Steps to Create Amazing Band Lighting

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The Lights I Recommend: ADJ Starbar Wash

The folks over at ADJ really deserve a round of applause for these lights. The ADJ Starbar Wash is a simple, easy to use front lighting package for bands, DJ’s and other performers who need setup to be easy and quick.

The 4 Par-Can style lights are contained on a single bar, and the kit comes with the stand as well. With this, you only have to hook up 1 data connection to the 4 lights and you’re off and running to create a great show!  

Plus, there are mounting points and outlets for (2) more lights on the bar as well.  Click here to get your personalized quote on our lighting package!

The Console I Recommend: ENTTEC DMXis (Now replaced with EMU)

ENTTEC EMU  is a breath of fresh air for anyone frustrated with inexpensive hardware or confusing software controllers.  It is neither.

Instead, EMU is a tailor-made lighting controller for musicians to control their live shows.  It's easy to program, easy to use and the best thing of all - it is able to sync with you music easily!

EMU comes with everything except the computer - so you're ready to plug your lights in and go the second you open the box!  Get your basic band lighting package here! (US Only)


What's Next?

Over the next week or 2 I'll be sending you more info on the basics of lighting and how to make great lighting for your band.  Stay tuned to your inbox!