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Band Lighting Walk Through – How to Create a Basic Show that Looks Awesome!

By David / 3 years ago

Creating a great lighting show for your band isn’t always easy.

You’ve got to figure out what to buy, how to make it all work together…and then you’ve got to set it up every day!

Having some inspiration and direction can really help.  Check out what the guys from the band Hate Unbound did to create a dynamic lighting show without adding a ton of time to their setup:

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How Does Hate Unbound Get Such A Great Light Show Out of Simple Lights?

There are a few things that Hate Unbound does that really sets their lighting apart and helps them create an amazing show out of basic resources.

The first trick they have up their sleeve is Enttec DMXIS.  As you heard mentioned in the video, DMXIS makes programming a light show to your specific music really, really easy!  (Learn how to program DMXIS here.)

DMXIS also allows you to run everything from stage, either with a simple foot-pedal or a MIDI controller that gives you more options.  You can also see that sometimes they put the lights into sound-active mode via DMX- to get some great movement for a minute or 2, but still keeping control for most of the music!

In this video, it looks like the guys are using some of the MIDI buttons to hit their foggers and other lighting “hits” to match the music as it happens.

They’ve also saved time by using Chauvet 4Bar’s and mounting some of their single lights inside of old amplifier road cases.

The Chauvet 4Bar’s are pre-built lighting trees with 4 LED pars permanently mounted to a single bar.  This allows you to set up 4 lights with the cabling of 1!

Similarly, I like how they wired up some of their floor lights together inside of old amplifier road cases – allowing them to quickly put out their lighting package and get it up and going every day.

It’s really amazing what you can do with just some basic lighting, a great console and some tweaks to setup everything quickly.

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