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How Do I Begin with ENTTEC D-Pro?

If you’re looking for a lighting console that a) isn’t going to break the bank, b) isn’t too basic, but c) isn’t professional-level complex, then ENTTEC’s D-Pro software may be exactly what you need!

D-Pro has become a favorite console software of mine for a few reasons.  First, it’s one of the few pieces of lighting control software that sits at the intermediate level.  There are a TON of consoles that are basic, and there are a TON of consoles that are full-on professional.

D-Pro sits in the middle, for bands, churches, theater groups and installations who need more than the basics but don’t want to be bogged down with a complex console.

D-Pro also offers a great, 2D visualizer which gives you a really great idea of what your lights are doing, so you can program away from your lighting rig without the added cost of a 3d visualizer.

One other thing I love about D-Pro is it’s hardware options.  If you’ve been around here long, you know I love the ability to grab some faders and wheels when I’m designing some lighting.  I love buttons for assigning my lighting looks to as well.

In D-Pro, you can go fully on-screen, use Enttec wings and/or use inexpensive MIDI controllers – and it’s all very simple to set up!

Getting Started with D-Pro

Are you new to D-Pro, or maybe considering purchasing it and want to try it out?  Below are my introductory videos on D-Pro, which will get you started in no time!  So, if you haven’t already bought D-Pro or downloaded the D-Pro demo, go ahead and do so, and watch these videos to begin learning!

Ready for more?  I want to send you my FREE programming guides for applying D-Pro to your specific type of lighting (Band, Church, Theater or DJ). 

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Go deep into all of the functions that D-Pro offers: Advanced ENTTEC D-Pro

If you’re new to lighting consoles, first check out the full guide on programming professional lighting consoles here: Professional Lighting Console Basics


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