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Episode 21 – The 4 Letter Formula I Use to Make Great Lighting Design

By David / a couple of years ago

Lighting News!

Earlier this week I read a great article by Brad Dureya about running audio with a tablet and the struggle of using wireless control.

Wifi is a great tool but the consistency of the connection is not guaranteed. Brad goes into some tips and strategies for using WIFI and ways to prevent a mishap. Here is the article from Church Production:

Are You Ready for Tablet Mixing?

This month, I’ve been working on my YouTube Series: 30 Days to Become a Lighting Ninja where we dive into some great tips on how to set up and run your lights.

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Main Segment:

When working in the professional Lighting Industry I am often expected to consistently create fresh and new ideas for clients that I work for. There are times that I do run out of ideas.

There is a four-letter formula that I use: IFCB –  Intensity, Focus, Color, and Beam.

So, what does that mean? In a lighting console, you have 4 main functions which are Intensity, Focus, Color, and Beam.

Intensity: How Bright is the Light?

Focus: Where Does it Make You Move Your Eyes? (or Position)

Color: What are the Colors or Lack of?

Beam: What are the Patterns, Gobos, Atmosphere, or Beam Type?

When I am looking to make a change between songs, speakers, and the show I try to reflect on is what haven’t I changed in a bit. If I’m looking to make a small change I only reflect on one of the letters. If I’m looking to make a big change then I would change all of the letters.

Over the next few weeks, we will dive into each parameter on how I use them, effects, and more so be sure to tune in!


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Matko: Starting to do Lighting Band Gigs and recently got some Pars. Has an IPad and iPhones and wants to be able to run his lights using a Tablet instead of a computer. How can he do this?

I really don’t recommend running a show completely wireless because of the connection ability using WIFI. If you lose your wireless connection then you have no show but that is up to you if you decide to take that chance.

I do recommend DMXis because the program runs well on computers and all you would need is either a pedal or tracks to run the lights. Below is my article on DMXis if you would like more info: How to Program With DMXIS

If you still decide that you want to go wireless completely you can use the following programs:

Luminair: https://www.synthe-fx.com/products/luminair
LightRider: https://www.lightriderapp.com/

Jorge: Would like to know what I think of ShowBuddy and know more about it?

Personally, I do really like ShowBuddy because it’s simple and reliable. It does run alongside with DMXis. There is a Free Demo Version Here: ShowBuddy Demo

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