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God, the Ultimate LD

By David / 6 years ago

Right now I am sitting above the peace of a 6am Las Vegas sunrise, working a show here. Due to jet lag, I’ve been up for awhile this morning, and have been able to adore the mountains and sky as God brings the sun to rise.

Can we just take a minute and recongnize how beautiful God is, and how perfect His works are?

I am sitting here in “Sin City” of all places, just soaking in God’s glorious light. I see the skies turn blue, orange and green, the building facades lit in beautiful amber light. Just last night I was noticing all of the lovely architechual lighting design, which Vegas excells at, but am just in awe of the sunrise in this moment. God’s lighting.

God’s mercies are new every morning – Lamentations 3:22-23

I don’t know where you live, or how often you get out into nature, but when you do, take the time to open your eyes to a full sunrise. You, God and his word(coffee optional). Take in the awe of the original, and best lighting designer!

Heck, I’m not even out in nature, but I love to see a good sunrise anywhere!

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  • Avatar Jason says:

    Amen! I just forwarded this post to my team with the comment, “It doesn’t matter how good my lighting skills are, or how nice of gear I can get my hands on, there is no way I can paint the same sunsets that God paints for us everyday, at no charge, with no gear! “

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