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How to Connect The Capture Visualizer with DMXIS

I often get the question of “How Do You Use a Visualizer with DMXIS?” or other consoles that do not support networked DMX.

It’s not as difficult as you think. In this tutorial, I am using an Art-NET or sACN node. Here’s a step by step of how to connect your DMXIS with the Capture 3D Visualizer.

Open DMXIS on Your Computer

First, you will want to open up your DMXIS on your computer and make sure the DMXIS connects. Patch your fixtures or load a show file that you’ve previously created.  Need to learn more about DMXIS – check out my full guide here!

Setup ODE

In this video, I am using an ENTTEC ODE to get the DMX converted to Art-Net for Capture.

Next, you will open your ENTTEC Node Management Utility on your computer. If you do not have this downloaded yet, Click Here to Download.

When you open the ENTTEC NMU you will see the Discovery button on the Bottom Left corner. This will help find your ENTTEC devices on your network.

Once it locates your devices you will be able to select your ODE. Select Open DMX Ethernet. Then Press Configure.

Configuring Your ODE

Now, your ODE Configuration Screen will be open and you will be able to configure your settings. New models will be able to automatically get an IP Address over DHCP. But if you have an older model, or aren’t using a router, you may have to manually enter your IP Address.

Next, you will set the Protocol to ArtNet. The Subnet will be set 0. The Universe will also set to 0.

Now, you will need to setup your Port Direction to Input DMX. You will need to hook up the ODE. Take the DMX Signal coming out of the DMXIS and connect it to your ODE.

Once you connect your ODE and DMXIS, go back to the configuration screen and change your Refresh Rate to Max. Finally, click Save.

Checking Your Capture Visualizer

Now that you have set up your ODE you can close the configuration window after saving. Open up your Capture program and load up any of your recent files. If you do not see the DMX showing up in your universes display, you will want to check your connections.

In your Capture program check the Universe tab check your Projects status. If your project says “Searching” go to the top left of your screen and click “Tools”.

Under Tools please click Options and then click Connectivity. Your ArtNet IP Address should be set to Automatic. If you have a newer ODE you can use E1.31, or sACN.

After your connections look correct please close the screen and go back to the Project Status.

Going back to Universe tab, your Project Universe and External Universe should be working to connect. If you see your device coming up under the External Universe you’re doing good!

To help the program you can click the Project and then click your device on the External it will help them connect. Once they connect your top screen will go black.

Click back to your DMXIS Control and test your lighting. Your lights should be working and you are all set!

Would you like to learn more about Capture? Check out my article here: So, You Want A Lighting Visualizer.

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