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How to Program With DMXIS

Enttec DMXIS is one of the very best pieces of DMX software for bands wanting to run their own shows.

But like any lighting console, it takes some learning and getting used to before you can really thrive inside of the software.

Below, I want to share with you a series of videos I’ve shot which explain the different functions of DMXIS and how to make the software work for you.

Video 1: Introduction

The first video is all about the interface and gives you a general overview of DMXIS and how it works.  If you’ve never done anything in DMXIS, you definitely want to check out of this video!

If you’re more experienced in DMXIS, skip ahead to one of the other topics that you want to learn about.

Video 2: Patching

In the 2nd video, we get into patching – what it does, and how to do it!

Patching is when you tell the console where you want your DMX lights to be addressed, or set to.  The great part about a console like DMXIS, is that as you patch the lights into the software, it does the math for you.

There is no more sitting down with a calculator trying to make all of your lights fit – a big bonus for sure!

Video 3: Presets and Banks

Banks and presets are DMXIS’s way of keeping your show sorted.  It’s quite ingenious how the software is setup to work just like a band’s set list.

Banks are equal to songs, and presets are the individual lighting looks that make up each song.  DMXIS offers the ability to sort and move around both banks and presets easily, so that you can re-arrange your songs quickly for each show’s set list.

You can also re-arrange your presets if you decide to play a particular song in a different arrangement.

Video 4: Programming FX with the Oscillator and Sound Tracker

Creating effects can be one of the most time-consuming parts of creating a great lighting show in some consoles – but this is one place that DMXIS shines.

Because DMXIS has a built-in oscillator and sound-tracker, it’s simple to create dynamic effects that follow your show perfectly.

As you’ll see in the video, the oscillator can quickly build some complicated looking effects without having to create dozens a presets or trick the console into doing what you need.

Video 5: Macros

There are a couple of reasons why the macros inside of DMXIS absolutely rock!

Macros are shortcuts that give you the ability to quickly change colors, build effects and make some cool lighting looks.

If you use DMXIS and haven’t waded into the waters of the macros, watch this video, and you’ll be saving time right away!

Video 6: Channel Masking

Like the macros, channel masking is a VERY powerful function of DMXIS.

It gives you the advanced functionality of a professional lighting console without the complication!  By using the channel masks, you are able to easily select which fixtures you do and don’t want to track through to the next preset.

This can easily save you hours of time when you’re updating your presets for your next show!

Video 7: MIDI Control

Did you know that you are able to have physical faders and buttons to control your DMXIS show?

It’s true!

In fact, the MIDI control feature of DMXIS is super-easy and can save you a lot of time.  Plus, if you ever grow to the point of having a lighting person run your show for you, MIDI control can give them the option to grab and move around lights at will based on the crowd’s response.

As you’ll also see, having a MIDI controller hooked up can also really speed up your time in programming, as you don’t have to spend so much time clicking your mouse!

Here’s the MIDI controller I used in the video – The Korg NanoKontrol

More Resources to Learn DMXIS:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos above about DMXIS.

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