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3 Steps to Begin With Band Lighting

Important: Read This Before You Get Started With Your "3 Steps to Begin With Band Lighting" (Allow 10-15 minutes for delivery)

Everything You Need to Know to Begin With Lighting in No Time:

Now that you've learned the 3 Steps to Begin With Band Lighting, come and join me in The Lighting Basics Blueprint...

Do you know how to begin with lighting?

Most people begin their lighting by looking in a music-store catalog or on Amazon for whatever is on sale.  Then they buy, get frustrated, and give up using anything fancier than the dreaded "sound-active" mode.

You can do better than that.

Introducing:  The Lighting Basics Blueprint -->

(or, the complete guide to getting started with band lighting)

What This Video Course Has to Offer:

The Lighting Basics Blueprint contains 100% of the information you need to begin with lighting.


You've probably asked this before: Do I have the right gear for the show I'm doing?

In this training, I give you the exact names and links to the gear that will work together and make a great show.

And then I show you how you can run it all from stage!

Technical Information

It's not always easy to make all of your lighting work together, and sometimes simply Googleing online can give you a vast difference in opinions.

I show you how to make it work, and how to fix the common problems that you may encounter.

Setup Tips and Tricks

Don't spend your setup time fumbling around, looking for the next step. Use my diagrams and charts to have a flawless setup, every time.

Design Simplified for Humans

Wondering what colors work best for specific songs?

Need to know when it's appropriate to use chases or strobes?

Find it inside.

Over 9 Easy-to-Follow Videos + Downloadable Guides and Files

Learn every step of the process via video, so there is no confusion!  Then, print out the downloadable guides and use the console show files as you begin your lighting rig.

Dave Henderson

I'm impressed with the clean layout of the platform.  Your organization of the information makes sense as well.  The language you use is very accessible for newbies, even when talking about pretty technical subjects."

Sunny Patel

I watch through all of [the videos].  It's really good and easy to understand, which is a big thing in our industry.  Especially for people that do not really understand lighting, this is a very helpful guide on what to do.

For ​me, the whole set list was the most important part and helped the most.  Definitely a great tool for everyone to get a better understanding of stage lighting!"

Stephen Salmon

Having a actual approach to lighting is a huge help just in itself.  Before it was "Okay, let's mess around and see if anything looks good."

Why Wait?  Buy Now!

​Why put off taking your lighting to the next level?

You can buy The Lighting Basics Blueprint right now for only $10.

The training course comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

If you aren't happy at any point in the first 90 days, I'll refund your money!

$24  $10

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Q: Is the Money-Back Guarantee Really Good For 90 Days?

A: Yes! If at any time during the first 90 days you aren't satisfied, let us know and we'll refund your money. There is only ONE condition - tell us why you weren't happy, so we have a chance to improve it for others.In fact, if you are EVER dissatisfied with our products, contact us and we'll exchange it for another product of equal value that suits your needs better.

Q: How Quickly Will I Be Able to Login?

A: Your login credentials will be generated immediately as you purchase. They'll be emailed out to you and usually arrive in your inbox before you get there. However, once in a while, they do take up to 1 hour to arrive.

Q: But I really have ZERO experience - Are you sure this won't be over my head?

A: I designed "The Lighting Basics Blueprint" to be incredibly newbie-friendly. No matter how inexperienced you think you are, you can jump right in and follow along with the videos and printable guides. And you'll be lighting a killer show in no time.

Q: What if I Already Own a Lighting Rig? Will "The Lighting Basics Blueprint" be irrelevant?

A: Thankfully, I designed "The Lighting Basics Blueprint" with both people who own lights and those who don't in mind.Therefore, there will only be a few videos that won't apply directly to you.  

Q: What if I Do Lighting at a Church or Theatre?

A: I've designed "The Lighting Basics Blueprint" for people who are lighting band's.  So, if your church has a contemporary worship band, you'll love this training.  If not, or if you do theatre lighting, this isn't for you!

Q: What if My Lighting Rig is Tiny? Will this training still apply?

A: Inside "The Lighting Basics Blueprint" you'll find that we only use 8 LED par fixtures to go through the entire training.

Since the focus is on design, it doesn't matter if you have more or less fixtures than 8, this will still apply to you!