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It used to be that getting mentor in the lighting industry required you to find someone local and give up your time to work for them.  This was a great way to learn, but today it's difficult to find these opportunities in many areas and impossible in others.

If you desire to simply turn on your lights for the service and leave them be, Learn Stage Lighting Labs isn't the place for you.

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What Others Say About Learn Stage Lighting Labs:

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

“Already, I can see we'll be able to pull off a show way in advance of everything happening locally at the moment.”

Hi David, I pieced it all together and other than a bit of messing around with the DMX addressing on the 4Bars, it all went together quite quickly.

Thanks for getting me this far so quickly.  You and your site are pure gold.

All the best.

Pete G. (Lead/Bass Player, Jimmy Ringus)

Learn Stage Lighting has helped me create an overview of which "tools" are available when creating a light show to support and enhance the mood and audience experience of each individual song and the whole show in general.

Good lighting elevates the total perception of a performance compared to just focusing on the music.

Best regards,

Soren R. 

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