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 March 25

by David

Today I want to introduce you to some really great tutorials on band lighting that I was introduced to by none other than Jim on Light.

It’s a really great segment from a cruise where the 2 lighting designers start with the basics and talk about the design of lighting for bands.  They talk about both technical and design concepts, how they got started in the industry, and how to make it all match the music.

You will learn something from these videos!  They are 100% worth your time!

I know that whenever I want my lighting design mind to be blown, I watch the work that these guys do.

FYI, there are a few profanities dropped in the course of the video, but the content is gold.  Keep that in mind when watching!

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Check it out now:

These 2 guys are amazing LD’s, and they do great work!  Check out this video of Jeff Waful’s lighting and be mesmerized!

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