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Pete GLead/Bass Player, Jimmy Ringus

I pieced it all together and other than a bit of messing around with the DMX addressing on the 4Bars, it all went together quite quickly.

Already, I can see we'll be able to pull off a show way in advance of everything happening locally at the moment.

Thanks for getting me this far so quickly.

You and your site are pure gold.

All the best,

Pete G.

"First, your videos are GREAT. There is so much to consider, never thought too much about focus, beam and all that stuff.

Plus I really like how you didn’t leave out the details like cable management, etc."

John S.Manager, The McCartney Project
DJ Neekz-Wedding and Event DJ and Emcee

Like you said in one of your other videos, it’s quite easy to get caught up in making shows where you have 30 different colors, 10+ different chases, every gobo pattern, and numerous positions to choose from. I’ve definitely fallen victim to this over cluttering.

​However, I just started the Puntastical series and am learning how to clean all that up.

I’m loving everything about the Learn Stage Lighting courses and having access to all of this information, It’s already helped me out a ton and I’m sure it’s going to help take me to the level that I hope to be at.

It sure beats reading lighting books that I don’t understand or reading about topics that don’t pertain to what I’m doing in my lighting world.

Thanks David! Keep up the good work!"​

-DJ Neekz

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed