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Episode 6 – Let’s Talk About DMX Addresses!

By Lyn / a couple of years ago

This is Episode 6 in the series about Stage Lighting. David is going to talk about Mail – Not mail that you get from the post office but DMX mail!

DMX is a broadcast protocol and there is no handshake, it either gets there or it doesn’t.  How do you need to tell the lights where the console is and the console where the lights are?

One of the ways If you use a basic console you can set the faders to a DMX channel. This method is really slow.

The next way is to have a hardware based console that has predefined fixtures or a more advanced professional console that has a patch screen with fixed numbers.

In this episode, you’ll learn everything you need to know about DMX addresses.


John Marsh – Wants to upgrade to a better system than the Enlighten that he uses. He uses a middle-grade system now.  David discusses the pros and cons of the following systems :

Enttec LED Mapper

Enttec D-Pro



Finding Your First Lighting Console!

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