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Light Inspiration – Lighting Designs from the LSL Community!

By David / 4 years ago

Some of the most inspiring emails I find in my inbox come straight from you guys!  I love to read and see what y’all are lighting every month, and this month is no different!

As always, you can send in your photos – whether you’re a beginner or expert – by simply hitting reply to any email on our email newsletter!

Now: it’s time for your lighting to take the stage!

Betsey Bauguess shared with us some recent pictures from a dance recital:

“Local dance recitals at theatre I work at.  I am the lead lighting tech.  We have an etc express and our house plot consists of a mix of Pars/Parnels and various degree ellipsoidals.

It’s at the capitol theatre in Yakima, Wa.  I use a ETC Express and X-Wide flood par for down wash and 26 & 36 degree ellipsoidals for high sides with R27, R91 and R83 cyc, 10 & 14 degree barrels for the front wash – a basic house plot”

Theatre LightingTheatre Lighting

Benson Kiongera sent in some recent photos of concerts and special events in Kenya:

“I am based in Kenya and I work with a company called MoSounds Events.

Currently am using:

24 Clay Paky Sharpy

8 Martin Mac TW1 Washes

6 700w Robe Spots

4 575w Robe Washes

12 Arri 2k Fresnels

24 Arri 1k Fresnels

and 100 LED Par Cans.

The events highlighted in the photos are Rwandas 20th liberation celebrations, Groove Awards 2014 and Arijit Singh live in Nairobi.

Kind regards


Lighting in KenyaLighting in KenyaLighting in Kenya

Tim Stowell wrote in and shared some recent photos showing the possibilities of lighting.

“The first photo is of our traditional service. In this one we use 4 Chauvet COLORband PiX-M for our down lighting in the choir loft.” David: Yes- this is a LED strip light that moves on one axis- pretty cool!

“One is with them on the other is with them off. They fill the area very well.

The next pic is from our contemporary service one is the stage where we use the 4 Colorband’s as down/backlighting, and 6 ColorBlast to do uplighting.

The other is of gobo that we use from time to time that is used to fill a large blank wall. We are using a Q-Spot 160 for this we also have a cross and a church logo that we project on this wall too.

The last two was of our preachers daughter’s wedding where we used the color light to light the stage this is the first wedding done like this at our church.

We also had a Southern Gospel group this past weekend where we used all our lights, and as they said “they felt like they were doing a concert.” They loved it.

The big thing that I would like other churches to see is that lights can make any space feel different.

When we just use the white light you get the traditional feel to the service but when you add color you add warmth and depth to the feel.

Our church is 194 years old this year and we use one worship center and do 2 different services every week.”

Church LightsChurch LightingGobo on WallWedding Lighting

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