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Your Lighting Shown – August 2014 – Pictures and Inspiration from the LSL Tribe!

By David / 5 years ago

Every month, I am inspired greatly by the photos that you send in!

This month is no different, and I think the photos show that well.  I really love how you guys send in photos from all levels of lighting skill.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing lighting for years, be inspired by the photos today – I think you’ll enjoy them!

Michael shared with us some recent pictures from his church:

“Here are a few pix of our (low budget) worship setup. We are using 4 traditional Source 4’s with Frost diffusing gels for basic lighting.

Two other Source 4’s have gobos and colored gels that we shoot off the wall.

We use two fresnels and a PAR (backlight) for video lighting on the pulpit. Two additional PARS add color to the drummer. (They need to be upgraded to brighter bulbs) We also use a few hardware store “clamp lights” with colored gels over them to add a little more color behind the amps.

Church Lighting 3Church Lighting 2Church Lighting 1Church Lighting 4

Reyje wrote in with his pictures from different events at his church in the Philippines.

The gear that I used is:

10 – Chauvet Rain56
5  – Slim Par LED 18 bulb (China made)
12 PAR Cans for front lighting (6 channel dimmer pack)
4 Altman Shakespeare for Spot/Focus
Elation Show Designer 2CF for my console

2014-07-06 09.58.032014-07-13 20.46.112014-07-13 20.47.252014-07-06 11.27.19

Timothy writes in with an update to his church’s lighting and set:

Last month in our worship night emphasis was on the stage backdrop made out of cardboard boxes which had the theme for the night.

I used (2) 100w bulbs to illuminate it and my blue fluorescent tube and two flood lights for my lead and background vocals.

DSCN3920DSCN3921t12t12 (1)

Ronnie wrote in from Rwanda

with a few pictures of events for both the church and concert world.

Though I’m not sure exactly what fixtures he’s using, he’s programming with a Avolites Pearl Console.  Thanks for sharing!

Ronnie's Photo Ronnie's Photo Ronnie's Photo

Update to Dennis’s Band Rig

Dennis, a reader I had previously corresponded with, wrote in with an update to his band’s lighting rig, now controlled by Chauvet ShowXpress.

“David, just a note to let you know this weekend I used the Chauvet ShowXpress for the first  time and it worked great . I set up all the  macro buttons and color coded them. I had a rookie running the lights for us and it was so easy to use

He looked like a pro. Just thought I would pass that on . I’m still going to look into the Behringer midi pedal you had mentioned for gigs that I won’t have a person to do lights.”

Dennis's Photo Dennis's Photo

Was this inspiring to you?  I know that these are inspiring and helpful to me as I learn how to best teach you!

I absolutely appreciate all the photos I get in on a from the members of our email tribe!

In fact, if you’re not a member, I’d really love it if you’d join below right now.

Send in your pictures by simply clicking “reply” in your email client, and I’ll share another roundup of your work soon!

It’s really inspiring to see the work that you are accomplishing! If you’re not a member yet, what are you waiting for?  Subscribe below today!

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