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LXQ: How Can I Get a Rock Concert Feel From My Small Lighting Rig?

By David / 3 years ago


Emil wrote in with a great question about concert lighting.  He writes:

Dear David,

I am very intrigued by your blog, I think I have read almost all the blog entries.  I am very new to lighting but have been reading a ton.

I am currently volunteering at a church in Egypt, and in the summer we have these sports camps where we have a concert.  It is a very small setting. 200 kids, with a fairly small stage, around 7×5 meters. We have purchased some lights, and I am stumped on the best set up design.

I will have at my disposal (All LED Lighting):

American DJ Mega TriPar

2 Generic 2pcs Mini Size Portable Spot LED 15w Moving Head Dj Compact Stage Light

Chauvet FX12 Audience Blinders

older, low quality 10mm RGB LED lights

A small hazer

I will probably only have front and back truss. I reckon RGB aren’t nice in backlighting because you can see the different colors.

So maybe 6 of the tripars in back and two in front with the old RGB for front wash perhaps? I should be able to do bastard amber with the tripars apparently.

Does that sound reasonable?

Also for the moving heads I’ve been advised they are nice in the back.

I was wondering if hanging them front would also be nice as they can occasionally point to the audience during their movement and can they be used to accent a solo or a lead in certain times for example? Or are spot moving heads too narrow for this application?

Your blog really opened my eyes to the importance of backlighting, but I am not sure of how to do this with so few lights in the arsenal. We are looking for a rock concert feel as much as we can.

Any suggestions on how to best make use of these lights? Thanks so much in advance, God Bless, Emil


Concert Lighting Design

Photo Credit: Doctor Grondo via Compfight cc

For the rock concert look, I’d suggest getting most of your fixtures behind the band.  Start with getting the moving heads back there, and then get as many of the pars behind or to the sides as possible.

The first thing that comes to my mind is putting the older fixtures as sidelight, and the tri-pars split 50/50 between the front and back.

Another option is using the cheaper fixtures to light the inside of your truss, for a cool “truss warmer” look.

You’ll definitely want to put the blinders on the rear truss.

If you had more movers I’d put some of them on the front truss too, but I prefer putting movers on the rear truss to bring that help amplify the energy that the band is giving off.

I like movers on my front truss when I don’t have haze, or need to light a set, but when I do have haze, most of them go to the back!  An alternative option would be to place them on top of amps or boxes on the stage(see photo), which also looks great!

After you’ve got everything set up, check out this guide for the basics on setting up your console for concert lighting!

This will help you have the flexibility and ability to make both dynamic, big showy moves as well as subtle changes to your lighting to match the band.

And then, if you really want to get serious about taking your lighting to the next level, grab my FREE guide to begin with your church lighting right here!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to let me know if you have any other questions!


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