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Learn Stage Lighting Labs Lifetime

It's time to create amazing stage lighting- Join us in Learn Stage Lighting Labs here!

What People Are Saying:

I'd like to say that [Learn Stage Lighting Labs] has been super helpful in getting myself and my church up to speed on pro level lighting. I now have [ONYX] up and running every week and my lighting guys are loving the new creativity and flexibility for punting that it gives us.

David Langlands

“"David has great insight when it comes to stage lighting. It is a very daunting task to start at ground zero, but he has been responsive since the very first time we reached out to him. As we expand our show and our lighting, we look forward to working with David in the future."”

Chris Stevens

“I volunteered to do lights and sound for a theater group without having any experience or really any idea on how to do stage lighting. Learn Stage Lighting to the rescue. After viewing David's 30 days to become a lighting Ninja and his Getting Started course and some of his other videos I can now read the user guide for our lighting console and nod my head more than shake it.”

Roy Kravitz