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My #1 goal for you is to take your lighting to the next level.

Whether that means starting out from no lights and no knowledge to creating a show, or taking the show you have and creating work of art with it, our courses are where big change happens.​

The very best stories of success that I receive comes from our students.  Why?  Because having the focus and direction of a course makes all the difference.  

Our step-by-step guides give you everything you need if you are serious about changing your lighting!​

Learn Stage Lighting Labs:

Learn Stage Lighting Labs is our premium member community for people who want access to all of our best training, including many courses NOT for sale individually.  

Inside, you'll be able to engage our private forums, get all of your questions answered and put your best foot forward to making incredible lighting.  Click here to learn more and to join us in the Labs!

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Lighting 101 Courses:

The Lighting Basics Blueprint

​Are you completely new to band lighting, or perhaps you haven't even started yet?  The Lighting Basics Blueprint will show you everything you need to know to begin from nothing or take a basic show to the next level:

Do you run your lights in sound active mode?  The Lighting Basics Blueprint will show you how there is a better way!​

The Foundations of Church Lighting

Are you new to church lighting, or maybe you want to take your church's basic lighting to the next level?  

​Join us in The Foundations of Church Lighting to learn the technical and artistic skills that you need to thrive in your church lighting:

The Church Lighting Game Plan

Inside of the Foundations of Church Lighting, I take you from zero knowledge and help you create a great church lighting setup.

Just Need Some Quick, Personalized Advice?

While Learn Stage Lighting Labs is the most cost-efficient way that I can help you, some people prefer to talk directly via Skype or Google Hangouts.

You can also set up a call with me directly click here for rates and to set your appointment!