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Review – Enttec Pixel Port

ENTTEC has a new way to get control of LED pixels – and it’s easier than ever!

A few months ago, I got my first chance to see ENTTEC’s new Pixel Port, and the possibilities really excited me.  The Pixel Port takes what can really be confusing (using LED pixels in your lighting), and makes it much less complicated.

For the first time, I feel like using pixels is accessible to non-engineer types.  Check out my full review below:

Links Mentioned:

ENTTEC’s ELM Media Server Software – the media server designed for pixels.

ENTTEC’s NMU Software for managing your Pixel Port.  (make sure you have the latest version to talk with the Pixel Port)

ENTTEC’s Pixel Tapes – I am using the 8P60 (5V) in this review video.

More on the ENTTEC Pixel Port:

As I mentioned in the video, the Pixel Port is a really great way to begin with Pixel Tape or other Pixel Products.

It communicates via Art-Net or sACN directly to your lighting console – so there is no need to convert your networked DMX out of your console into standard DMX signal – you can go right in via your network!  Learn more about Art-NET and sACN here.

If you’re looking to use a few hundred, or even a thousand pixels, a few Pixel Ports are the way to go!  While some soldering and math will be required, it’s not going to be quite as intense as the “old way” where you had to splice in a power supply as well at the beginning of your pixel string.

As always, consult the installation guide for your specific pixels to find out how much you can run at a certain distance.

Need to do thousands of Pixels?

You’ll want to take a look at ENTTEC’s Pixelator and Pixel Link system.  This system allows you to manage larger number of pixels with more simple wiring and configuration all in one box!

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