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What is Beam Angle? What is Field Angle? Why Does it Matter?
If you've been reading LSL for any amount of time, you know that I am big on making you an[...]
How Do I Control DMX Lights?
Do you have DMX Lights but don't know how to control them? Sure you can set the lights on Sound[...]
How to Wrap Cables Properly (And Save Time!)
Do you ever come across poorly wrapped cables that just tangle and knot the second you go to use them?[...]
How Can A DMX Splitter Save You Time and Money?
One of the most common questions I get is "Do I Need a DMX Splitter"? And while I'd like to[...]
How to Wire DMX for Stage Lighting
For beginners in stage lighting, one of the ideas that can be baffling is how to wire up all of[...]
How to Connect The Capture Visualizer with DMXIS
I often get the question of "How Do You Use a Visualizer with DMXIS?" or other consoles that do not[...]
How to Use ONYX for Church Lighting
In these video tutorials, I dive into how to use ONYX for church lighting. I've worked with many students and[...]
3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Using the LightShark
Since starting with the LightShark it's become one of my favorite consoles to work with. If you've been following Learn[...]
What DMX Mode Should I Put My Lights In?
Whether you're working with LED's or moving-head lights, at some point you have to decide which mode you're going to run[...]
Event Lighting for Fun and Profit Pt.2
How to do Special Event Lighting For Your Church - Part 2 This is another post that gets me excited.[...]
Where Do I Focus My Lights?
You may have just read the headline to this article and thought "duh!  At the stage!" as the answer to[...]
How to Buy the Right Lighting Today That Will Still Work For You In The Future
One of my biggest frustrations in life is when I buy something, and then a year or 2 later, it[...]
What are Submasters and Playbacks?
Sitting down over a meal with a venue owner, I was asked the question "Do we need a computer software[...]
What Lighting Console Should I Buy?
If you been around for a while it's very obvious that I really like Lighting Consoles. Why is this? The[...]
How do I Create an Awesome, Even Wash of Stage Light?
You've got lights and a console all set up and working, but when you turn everything on you've got huge[...]
How Do I Create Great Lighting Effects With Color?
Color is by far my favorite attribute of light. Whether you're a professional lighting designer, or just want a great[...]
How Do LEDs Save Money?
I remember the day I first worked with LED stage lighting. Back in the time frame of the mid-2000's, I[...]
How to Run Lights Live to Music
Are you ready to take on your first project of running lights for a live band? It doesn’t have to[...]
How Do I Focus Moving Lights?
Moving lights are wonderful tools that are becoming more and more commonplace in the lighting world every day.  The ability[...]
Why Does My Lighting Look Orange On Camera?
When working with lighting and video you'll find that it can be very tricky to not get everything to look[...]
What are Fixture Numbers and Why Do I Need Them?
The first lesson I learned on a modern, moving light console was how to patch fixtures. The 2nd lesson I[...]
Can I Use The M-Touch and M-Play with Onyx without a Touchscreen?
Recently, I had received a challenge from one of our Learn Stage Lighting Labs members wanting to know how much[...]
How Do I Begin Working With A Professional Lighting Console?
It used to be that there was a divide in the lighting world between professional and consumer - between big[...]
Microplex to DMX – The Complete Guide
Say you have a DMX lighting system and want to use a microplex dimmer or console.  Can it be done?[...]
What is DMX? DMX 512 for Lighting Explained
When you're beginning with lighting, it's not going to be long before you have questions about DMX. In lighting, DMX[...]
What is the Lightshark?
If you have been following Learn Stage Lighting for a while now you know that at times I will review[...]
The Complete Guide To Stage Lighting Power Connectors & Plugs
When you're looking to install a lighting system, buy new gear or begin in stage lighting, the amazing variety of[...]
What are the Basic Parts of a Stage Lighting System?
A large, massive lighting show takes up a whole arena, bathing an artist or speaker in vibrant light.  A corporate[...]
How Can I Speed Up LED Programming?
Have you ever found the need to compress down the number of channels that your LED fixtures take up?  Maybe[...]
How Do I Set Up a Lighting Console “Show Computer”?
A funny thing is happening as we move forward in time.  Computers are getting faster, cheaper and more reliable, and[...]
Bit By The Lighting Bug – Interview with Jeff Waful
If you've been reading Learn Stage Lighting for awhile, you may know that I am quite a fan of jam[...]
What to Do When the Show Runs Off it’s Tracks
Picture this: You're running through your setlist, down the agenda, or through the service flow....things are going well.  You're hitting[...]
5 Simple Values That Will Propel You Forward in the Entertainment Industry
Working day in and day out in the entertainment industry, I naturally see a lot of people and meet a[...]
How Do I Create and Install My Own Fixture Library for DMXis, D-Pro, or Show Buddy Active?
With DMXIS, Show Buddy Active, and D-PRO, if you don't see your fixture in the patch/fixture library section, you have[...]
Upcoming Webinar Trainings
Here on Learn Stage Lighting, I periodically offer free live training webinars.  Check them out and sign up below! Onyx[...]
LED Efficacy and Why it Matters to You
Today's post, I'll admit, is on the geekier side of things, but still important.  It centers on the idea of[...]
Grow Your Lighting Skills Today: Interview with Brad Schiller
Once again, I'm really excited to bring you an interview with a lighting professional! Brad Schiller has been in the[...]
Don’t Despair! – How to Be Inspired In Lighting
If you're like many people who take up lighting as a hobby, you've probably spent a few hours looking at[...]
How Much Light Do I Have? Footcandles, Lumens and Lux
If you've ever sat down to attempt the purchase of new lights, one of the first questions you have is[...]
How Do I Begin With Onyx?
Here on Learn Stage Lighting, it is my goal to feature and teach the very best in lighting consoles and[...]
The Complete Guide To Stage Lighting Data Connectors & Plugs
In the last post, I wrote about the common power connectors and plugs the stage lighting.  If you haven't already[...]
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Using ENTTEC DMXIS
Here at Learn Stage Lighting I've mentioned and worked with ENTTEC DMXIS very often. It's a great program for those[...]
How to Program an LED Par Light with DMX
In this video, we will review how to properly set up and get you started with the basics of programming[...]
What Angles are Best for Stage Lighting?
Go to any theatre, large church, or other entertainment event space, and you'll see lights mounted everywhere, all pointing at[...]
How to Fix Broken DMX Cables
If you're like many folks doing lighting, and you setup and teardown your lights, cables are gonna break!  It's just[...]
How to Program With DMXIS
is one of the very best pieces of DMX software for bands wanting to run their own shows. But like[...]
What Software Should I Use to Control LED Pixels?
When it comes to working with individual LED pixels, pixel tape or some other pixel products, the first step is[...]
How Do I Convert, Split and Merge DMX? What if I Do it Wrong?
If you're using more than a few DMX fixtures, or have them spread out across your stage, you're going to[...]
What Are Cues and Cuelists?
Yesterday I told a story of a venue I worked at that had no ideas of the capabilities of their[...]
How to Keep Your Lights Running in Tip-Top Shape
If you want your lights to live a nice, long, happy life, it's important to take great care of them.[...]
Review – ENTTEC Pixel Port
ENTTEC has a new way to get control of LED pixels - and it's easier than ever! A few months[...]
How Do I Control Pixels With ENTTEC’s ELM?
Perhaps you have heard of ENTTEC's ELM. What is it exactly? ENTTEC ELM is basically a Media Server. It's a[...]
How do I Bolt Together Lighting Truss?
I remember my first job in lighting clearly. I was working as a tech/laborer for a small, rural lighting company[...]
My Favorite Flashlights for Lighting (and WHY)
Every day I try to provide helpful tips when it's come to lighting and the equipment that I use every[...]
The Complete Guide to Beam Fixtures
Want a huge beam of light that zooms across the sky? Stepping back into history, the first way to accomplish[...]
How Do I Begin with ENTTEC D-Pro?
If you're looking for a lighting console that a) isn't going to break the bank, b) isn't too basic, but[...]
Fog and Foggers – The Ultimate Guide
Have you ever woken up, looked outdoors and seen beautiful, hanging fog with the sun streaming through? Perhaps you were[...]
How do I Tape Down a Cable? – The Complete Guide to Taping Down Cables
When it comes down to it, we run a lot of cables in the world of lighting. Data one way,[...]
What is HTP? What is LTP? Why Should I Care?
Imagine this...You sit down at your lighting console and start bringing up various looks on stage and recording the scenes[...]
What are Strobes and Blinders, and How Do I Use Them in My Show?
When it comes to creating a punch of light on stage or in the audience, professional lighting designers turn to[...]
How to Begin With The Chauvet Obey 40
The Chauvet Obey 40 is a really popular and basic DMX lighting console. If you've sat down at one, however,[...]
What Are Stage Directions?
Whether you are working directly with musicians, setting up equipment, or planning your next staging design, clear communication is really[...]
What is TouchOSC and How Do I Use it With Lighting?
I'm a big fan of getting as much hands-on control as possible when I'm programming and running lights. That's why,[...]
What are Art-Net and sACN?
Running DMX signal over ethernet is something that we are going to see more and more of as we move[...]
Programming: How to Set Up Your Cues for Success!
Whether you've got a simple console or something complex, learning how to lay out your lighting looks into something useful[...]
What Lights Should I Buy?
When you write a website dedicated to teaching stage lighting, the most common question you get is "Should I buy[...]
How to Use LED Pixel Tape on Your Stage
In this video, I walk you through how to use LED pixel tape on your stage. Pixels have come a[...]
How Do You Use Timecode with Onyx?
In this post, we're going to break it down on how to use timecode with Onyx. Lately, I've seen a[...]
What is a Lighting Console?
You walk into a room- lights are fading up and down, moving, colors and shapes are dancing on the walls.[...]
Should I Buy a PC-Based or Hardware-Based Lighting Console?
There's always the age-old debate that comes up about whether you should go with a PC-Based or Hardware-Based lighting console.[...]
Fundamentals of a Mixing Console – The Master Control For An Audio System
I remember the very first time I stepped up to a large format analog mixing console. It was in Chicago[...]
How Do I Run My Show From Stage?
Picture this - you're in a band, are a DJ or are in a small church worship team, and you[...]
What Are the Rules to Using Color in Stage Lighting?
If you open your eyes, and you're like most people, you see color. I know this is simplifying it a[...]
What is RDM and Why Does It Matter to Me?
If you've been working with lighting for a while, you might be aware of the term RDM, or remote device management. [...]
So You Want A Lighting Visualizer…
Visualizing your lighting on the computer is one of the very best ways to waste a solid afternoon.  🙂 Seriously,[...]
How Do I Begin With M-PC?
M-PC is now Onyx - Learn more about Onyx here! M-PC is a professional-grade lighting console just waiting to be[...]
How to Troubleshoot DMX Problems
One of the most crushing feelings you can encounter when working with lighting comes when things don't work right!  [...]
How Many Colors can an LED really make?
Today, I am going to share how many colors can an LED really make. There's a lot of myths out[...]
Do I Need Need Moving Lights? + Moving Lights Buyers Guide
Moving lights are a load of fun! Whether you're a band, church, DJ or in the theatre world, the dream[...]
How to Prevent Power Loss When Using a Mobile Generator
Today's post is a guest post written by Lukas Conant of ATI Electrical.   Have you ever had a power[...]
What is the ENTTEC Pixel Octo, and Why Do I Care?
The ENTTEC Pixel Octo is a new product that drives pixels. This unit will drive any type of LED pixel[...]
Why Moving Lights aren’t just for rock stars: When Moving Lights DON’T Move!
I was recently speaking with a church tech director who was working out the details for a future lighting purchase[...]
How to Create Movement (Without Expensive Moving Lights)
There's no doubt that moving lights are cool. Really cool.  And a lot of fun to play with. But the[...]
How Do I Save Money Buying Lighting Gear?
Today I want to help save you some money when you plan to purchase lighting gear. Whether you are looking[...]
Can You Make a Great Lighting Rig with 1 DMX Universe?
Talking with some students from Learn Stage Lighting Labs I've found that there are some situations where you are limited[...]
How Do I Program a Basic Moving Light?
In this video and post, we're going to help walk you through on how to program a basic moving light[...]
How Do I Address My DMX Lights or Dimmers?
One of the first things that you need to do when you get a new light out of the box[...]
Video: The Basics of DMX
I recently stumbled upon this really great video that breaks DMX down into simple, easy to understand language for anyone[...]
The Complete Guide to Spot Fixtures
We started off our guide to basic lighting fixtures with the wash fixtures. Today we will overview spot fixtures or[...]
How to Begin With the LightShark
I had the opportunity to work with LightShark and created videos on how the LightShark LS-1 and LS-Core work. In[...]
How To Get Started In Set Design Without The Hassle
Set design can be one of the most underutilized aspects of stage lighting in many circles. Sometimes it's because people[...]
How to Use a Multimeter for Stage Lighting + Buyers Guide
One of the top 5 tools that I recommend to anyone getting into stage lighting is an electrical multimeter. An[...]
How to Pre-Wire Your Lights to Save Yourself Time and Frustration…
Pre-wiring has been one of the tricks that professionals have been using for years to cut down setup time. If[...]
How to Light For IMAG – 5 Ways to Improve Your Lighting Rig for the Camera
If you've recently gone visited a large church, attended at child's graduation or flown to a national sales meeting, chances[...]
How do I Focus Lighting Specials?
In this post, we"focused" on creating an even wash of light - what I would call "the foundation of a[...]
What Makes Big Concerts So Cool? The Dynamic Range of Light:
You might know what dynamic range is in the audio world; it’s the difference between the loudest and softest sound. Good[...]
How Can I Control Lighting From My Mac?
We see posts on a weekly basis in the forums and on Facebook groups where people will ask what lighting[...]
What is a Moving Light?
Go to any concert, corporate event, tradeshow, theme park...even churches and you'll see moving lights(ML's) gracefully coasting their beam across[...]
Review: M-Touch Lighting Console
Recently, I took the opportunity to do a full review of the lighting console which I recently purchased. I really[...]
What Stage Lighting Fixtures Promise The Most Longevity?
When churches talk about installing new stage lighting, one of the chief concerns from the executive pastor is almost always[...]
How to Make Your Big Event Special (Without Losing Your Shirt)
This post has been brought to you by Pro Lighting Rental. Imagine this: You have a big show/service/drama/production coming up,[...]
How To Clean Your Stage Lighting (Without Making a Mess)
When was the last time you cleaned your stage lighting equipment? Perhaps it's been awhile since you last were up[...]
What Do I Do When my DMX Light Doesn’t Work Right?
If you have a DMX Light that's not working properly or even at all, here are some effective steps to[...]
What is the “Standard” Lighting Design?
One of the questions that often hits my inbox starts like this: "What is the standard lighting design for a[...]
How do I Program a Two-Scene Lighting Console?
A two-scene lighting console is a great way to learn the basics of stage lighting- it's just you, a handful[...]
How do I Focus Stage Lighting?
Many churches have small, conventional lighting systems that are focused for a few positions around their stage.  When it's time[...]
When Should I Use Color on My Stage?
Color is probably the most powerful single tool that we have in our toolbelts as lighting folks. Whether on the[...]
Control Lots of Pixels – Without Losing Your Mind!
If you’ve played around with controlling LED pixels, you know that getting the infrastructure set up to control your pixels[...]
LED Tape and Pixels 101 – How to Create Custom Lighting for Your Stage!
Over the past few years, using custom LED tape has been all the rage on stages of all sizes. Just[...]
4 Things I Wish I Knew Before Using ENTTEC D-Pro
There are a lot of PC based lighting consoles available. Some are great and others, not so much. But one[...]
Is it True That I Shouldn’t Touch the Lamp?
If you work with churches, in theatre, or production, you've probably heard the rumor that you aren't supposed to touch[...]
Eurolite Bigfoot: First Impressions
There’s very little info around about the Eurolite Bigfoot DMX controller, so I thought I’d post a few first impressions[...]
Should I Leave My Lights On All The Time? DMX Relays and Sequencers 101
This one is for the folks who have their lights permanently installed: Do you leave your LED's and moving lights powered[...]
What to Lay Out on Buttons, On-Screen and on Faders
One of the questions I often get from people is this: How should you prioritize certain cues over others when[...]
Onyx Video Training Tutorials
Want to learn Onyx, but don't know where to begin?  Here, I've put together my best Onyx video resources in[...]
Online Training For Elation’s Onyx (formerly M-PC)
Elation's Onyx software is hands-down my very favorite professional-grade software for running lights. Not only is the software freely downloadable,[...]
How do I Hang a Light?
I often walk into churches where I either a) see something unsafe or b) go "what were they thinking?", when[...]
How do I Use MIDI Hardware to Control My Lighting Console?
In the past 10 years, lighting consoles have changed and progressed A LOT! Particularly, in the last few years we've[...]
The Complete Guide to Wash Fixtures
Today, I want to take you on a tour through the different types of lighting fixtures that you may encounter.[...]
I Just Bought An ENTTEC DMX Interface – Now What?
One of the very best ways to begin controlling DMX lighting is with an ENTTEC USB interface and any number[...]
Should I Use Grand MA3, Vista, Hog, Chamsys, or Onyx?
A very common situation is trying to select which professional grade console you should go with. Now, more than ever[...]
5 Basic Things You Need to Know About Moving Light Consoles
I have been accused of being "old school" in the past.  True, I was the only guy in my lighting[...]
Simple, PC Based Lighting Console Setups
In this post I'm going to share with you some simple but effective console setups that you can use with[...]
How Do I Find Out What DMX Channels My Lights Have? And How Do I Control That from My Console?
Here is a question that I get all to often here on Learn Stage Lighting - "I've got __________ no-name[...]
How Do I Setup My First Lighting Network?
Whether you like it or not, networking is quickly becoming a necessary part of stage lighting. While you still can[...]
How to Choose a Basic Lighting Console (Software vs Hardware)
If you are brand new and just getting started with lighting you have come to the right place. Over the[...]
Introduction to Jands Vista
I remember the first time that I sat down behind a Jands Vista when they first brought the console out[...]
How Do I Setup My First sACN or Art-Net Device?
When looking to set up your first devices, networking can be a challenge when first starting out. In this post,[...]
Should I Use Wireless DMX? The Complete Guide to Running Data to Your Lights Wirelessly
Until we get wireless power, running wireless data to our lights is one of the biggest time-savers and problem solvers[...]
What is the Difference Between Basic, Intermediate and Professional Lighting Consoles?
On Learn Stage Lighting I often have the usual consoles that I like to refer to and work with. However,[...]
Can You Use Microphone Cables for Lighting? DMX Vs. XLR Demystified
When it comes to plugging in your lights to DMX, ask 5 different people, and you'll probably get 5 different[...]
How Do I Run DMX Over “Ethernet” Cable?
DMX, the signal we use to talk to our stage lights, requires the use of DMX cable so that everything[...]
3 Reasons Why LTP Rules, Even For Conventional Lights
Back Here, I talked about the differences between HTP and LTP, and why it's important.  I remember, not all that[...]
Review: Stage Light Company Hex Par Pro 12 and Pix Bar Hex Pro 6
Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the Stage Light Company Pro Par Hex 12 and Pix Bar Pro Hex[...]
How do I Setup a Portable Lighting System?
As I work and talk with people in the church world, I find a lot of churches that rent or[...]
5 Ways To Make Your Live Stream Video Look Great
In this 2 part video series, we're teaming up with Ballast Media to discuss 5 ways to make your live[...]
How to Use ShowCockpit to Map MIDI Devices to Onyx (Formerly M-PC and M-Series)
ShowCockpit is a program that allows you to use various control types to control different lighting consoles.  It's basically an[...]
What is DMX Polarity and Why Do I Care?
Many entry level DMX consoles, such as the Chauvet Obey 40 and 70, have a curious little switch that is[...]
What is an NSI Microplex Lighting System?
Today I just want to write a quick post outlining NSI Microplex- a popular type of lighting control that many[...]
3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Using Elation’s ONYX
ONYX has become my favorite professional console. Elation's Onyx was formerly known as Martin M-PC / M-Series and since the[...]
What is Bench Focusing? + My Complete Bench Focusing Guide
Do your ellipsoidals not seem as "punchy" as they once were?  Do you want to get significantly more output from[...]