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Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting Podcast!  This is the show where we teach you the basics of stage lighting, and how it applies to you.

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What Type of Moving Head Should I Buy? Spot, Wash, Beam, or Hybrid? With Guest Bob Mentele
Welcome to the podcast and episode 115. Today, we have a special guest Bob Mentele of Elation. Today, we're going[...]
Should I Learn Multiple Lighting Consoles or Software?
Welcome to episode 114! It's a new year, and it's a good time to consider our goals for the upcoming[...]
Why Should I Buy Name-Brand Lights vs. “From China”? What constitutes a “name brand”?
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Why Do Lighting Designers Hate the Color Green? Is it Justified?
Thank you for joining us today for Episode 112 and during the series of why on the podcast today's topic[...]
Why Do I Talk SO much about getting an even wash of light on your stage? What are the exceptions?
Welcome to today's show and in this episode we're doing our Why segment. I wanted to start this segment with[...]

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If your new to stage lighting and not