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Your Lighting Shown – Pictures and Inspiration from the LSL Tribe!

By David / 5 years ago

Every month, I am inspired greatly by the photos that you send in!

This month is no exception – on the plate today we have photos from all around the world, and from all skill levels of lighting.

I really hope you’re inspired as much as I am, and remember to send in your photos as a member of our email newsletter!

First up today, we have an update from our reader Timothy, who we featured last month as well.

“Hello David,

Thank you for the good work you are doing to help us improve in our lighting, I really appreciate it. Attached are photos from last month’s worship night with the improvements and the lighting ideas you gave me.

As you can see, he added a lot of light and depth via candles and different colored fixtures.

Now he’s got both the option of a dark, intimate blue scene, a dark “candles-only” scene, as well as a lighter scene with some light amber frontlight that really illuminates the band’s faces.

Worship Lighting 1Worship Lighting 2

Next up we’ve got Tim from NC sharing some improvements he’s made to his church’s lighting:

“We are a small country church, Piney Grove Baptist Church in NC.

I got the new Colorband PixM  light in now I can show you what we have..

12 Light Source LED down lights. The four that are over the stage can each be controlled.  The other 8 that over the congregation are controlled in pairs, so we can have the ones to the front dimmer, then the ones in the back or vis-versa.

12 ETC white Source Four ellipsoidal

2 ETC black Source Four ellipsoidal

2 ETC Source Four Pars– Theses are all used for front light the stage and choir.

4 Chauvet Colorband Pix M- These we use to provide some down light in one service and use them to do wall wash and back lighting in the other.  (David: These fixtures are great because they offer movement on the tilt axis of 270 degrees.  This means you can hang it up in the ceiling like Tim did and use it to focus on different areas on your stage, very inexpensively!)

6 for now ColorBlast 12 to wash up the walls in the choir loft. Only in one service.

This past Sunday our youth lead both services so we were a little more bold in the early services than normal.”

Traditional Church Lighting 1

Traditional Church Lighting 2

Thanks so much for sending those in, Tim.

As I and other readers personally know the struggle and balance in church lighting to be innovative and exciting vs. listening to every complaint that comes in from those who don’t welcome change.

Great job!

At the top of this post, I mentioned that this month, photos came from all around the world – check out these from Oyejide Ifeoluwa in Nigeria:

“Hi David, I trust God that you are doing great.  

Here are pictures of my stage light in recent time, I attend Common wealth of Zion assembly(Coza) in Nigeria, Kwara state branch.

I am the HOD for light department.”

Lighting Photo 1 Lighting Photo 2

Lighting Photo 3Lighting Photo 4


Was this inspiring to you?  I absolutely appreciate all the photos I get in on a from the members of our email tribe!

In fact, if you’re not a member, I’d really love it if you’d join below right now.

Send in your pictures by simply clicking “reply” in your email client, and I’ll share another roundup of your work soon!  It’s really inspiring to see the work that you are accomplishing!

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