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What Content Would You Like to See on LSL?

By David / 6 years ago

Happy 4th of July, Learn Stage Lighting readers!

I’ve got a favor to ask of each one of you.  Would you be able to go over to the contact page and tell me what information you would like me to write about here on LearnStageLighting.com?

I’ve personally got 100’s of post ideas in my head, but I want to provide this growing community with the resources you want!  I could write about anything under the stage-lighting sun, but I want to know what you want!

So please let me know.  Whether it is case studios, more theory, reader submissions, or tutorials on specific stage-lighting tasks, I’d love to write it for you, and keep this community filled with valuable information!

Thanks so much!


P.S.  Don’t forget to contact me here!

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