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What Stage Lighting Fixtures Promise The Most Longevity?

When churches talk about installing new stage lighting, one of the chief concerns from the executive pastor is almost always related to reliability and longevity.  It’s really important to  make sure you are buying wisely, and that your money gets you something that will last.
When talking about longevity, LED lights will win the conversation every time.  Their bulbs will last over 50,000 hours which is 6 years at 24 hours a day!  Add to that the fact that they put out very little heat which will keep your A/C costs down in the summer months.
Conventional lights will require new bulbs every 2,000 hours at $15-30 a piece, so they lose in longevity every time.
Moving lights new new bulbs every 1000 hours or so(it varies by light), and will break down and new motors and other parts replaced, so keep those costs in mind.  LED moving lights, however, won’t ever need the lamp replaced and have less moving parts that will break!
I typically suggest a church looking at a new lighting system seriously consider an all-LED system, even though the initial cost is significantly higher than a conventional system.  When you look at the cost over time and include the HVAC savings on heat, LED’s are a clear winner.  Moving lights are fun, but make sure to have a long-term plan for their maintenance and replacement.

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