What Makes Us Unique

You want to create amazing lighting, but maybe you don't know where to start.

Or maybe you've got a start, but need help getting to the next step.  Or maybe you've been learning on your own, but are looking for more information to speed up your learning process.

Welcome to Learn Stage Lighting .com

This is the place where newcomers, intermediate and professional lighting hobbyists, enthusiasts and designers come to learn more about lighting.

We are absolutely passionate about bringing the world the resources to make better stage lighting - no matter what kind of event you are lighting!

Here are just a few comments from some of my students:


Here are just a few comments from our students:

"David at Learn Stage Lighting proved to be an invaluable resource for our auditorium lighting renovation and upgrade.

 Not only does he possess a wealth of knowledge with regard to lighting of all varieties, he took the time to hear our needs and walk us through the whole process...from which lights to buy, to where to position them.

He even offered ideas to incorporate some of our 'dated-but-functional' pre-existing lighting with the newest technology so we could stay within budget!"

Wilby High School
Waterbury, CT

"I have learned a lot from your program.

I'm a drummer and I run sound and lights for my small band (while I play!).

Your advice has helped me experiment with and find the best solutions as we grow. I like how you explore each aspect and angle carefully. Your mock stage is very helpful. Keep up the good work."

Ramon B

My Lighting Journey

David Henry, Learn Stage Lighting Founder

My lighting journey began back in 2005, when I simultaneously agreed to help with a school play and run lights at my church.

Armed with no knowledge and little help, I began to self-educate the best I could.  I read manuals, books on theatre design, and heckled every single lighting professional, and soon enough, I began making lighting that actually looked decent.

Over the next few years, I began to get experiences lighting bands, church events, weddings, fashions shows and corporate meetings.  This was in-part due to the fact that I got a part time weekend job at a small, local lighting company.

This really began speeding up my lighting trajectory to professional.

Over 10 years later, I’ve had the opportunity to light all kinds of events, and have found a love for sharing what I know with others, so that you can create great lighting too.

That’s why I began Learn Stage Lighting.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned to really enjoy teaching and listening to you, the Learn Stage Lighting reader, as we work to create great lighting together.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in the lighting industry it’s this:

You don’t have to have a big budget to create great lighting.  You don’t have to have a ton of experience.  What you do need, however, is some knowledge and tips that will catapult you to lighting mastery!

David Henry

Learn Stage Lighting Founder

Why is Learn Stage Lighting here?

Back in 2012, I was young and my career in stage lighting was really beginning to take off.

I wanted to give back.  As when I was in my season of intense learning, I combed the internet for useful information on stage lighting...and I found some really great resources.

But, over a few years time, they all became inactive, not publishing any new content, or disappeared completely.  Upon noticing this, I decided that I wanted Learn Stage Lighting to be different.  I wanted a site that would last, and continue to be updated and be the very best in stage lighting training available.

So, while I let the site sit for a year or 2 and didn't update anything, I began to research and come up with a plan.  I would operate Learn Stage Lighting as a site with both free and paid content, both being exceptional and accurate.  The paid content allows Learn Stage Lighting to last the test of time, and gives me the money to run the site and purchase gear to help teach you!

All of the training on Learn Stage Lighting .com follows this manifesto:

  1. Training must be accessible to beginners.  Advanced training is cool, but with the proper re-direction for new folks.  This means I won't always go into super-deep technical detail, because it often isn't all that important in your day-to-day lighting.
  2. Training must be actionable.  We're not going to make "pie-in-the-sky" philosophical ramblings about stuff that doesn't matter.  All training will be direction geared towards getting your lighting done, with an emphasis on particular niches such as band lighting, church lighting, DJ lighting, theatre lighting, etc.
  3. Training must be of quality.  I'm not trying to create 1/2 way done articles, or inaccurate content.  We're here to create the very best in lighting training available anywhere.
  4. Learn Stage Lighting .com is NOT a news site, and the opinions expressed are all our own!


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