Book a 1-To-1 Call With Our Experts:

Hi, David Here!

While Learn Stage Lighting Labs is the most cost-efficient way that we can help you, some people prefer to talk directly via a Zoom video call. 

Whether you're looking to run some ideas by us or get some 1-to-1 training by the hour, we are available for direct consultation over the internet.

How's it Work?

1. When you click one of the schedule buttons below, you'll be taken to a page where you can book your appointment.

2. You'll be able to enter a detailed description of what is going on with your lighting, and what you need help with.  Then, you'll checkout via PayPal or Credit/Debit card.

3. Then, for your confirmation email.  There will be a link to join our Zoom call via Video!

BTW, calls are 50% off for Labs members, so it's worth a look and you can join us in a month of the Labs and schedule a 1-hour call through there for less than the cost of a 1-hour call here :)


Book a Call with David

David's the founder, the chief here.  He's not always available, but when he is, you can book appointments via the links below: