Today, let’s discuss why and how to trigger both your video and lighting together for a seamless live event. Keeping things in sync during your show and having everything triggered at the perfect timing takes a little know how and prep work. If you have video that you either want

Have you ever wondered what a media server is, and more importantly – if you need one? Find out in this video. Pixel Mappers A pixel mapper works by arranging the lights in your program to mirror however they are set up in real life. This can be displayed as

Are video and lighting the same thing? If they are, how do we combine them together? In this video, David shares how. Over the past few years video and lighting have really come together as one. Because of this merging together as we are progressing forward in the lighting world,

This year has brought some great new features to lightKey – these are my favorites! Using LightKey to create an even better event or display begins with simply knowing all of the amazing features available to you within the program. What’s New When we talk about what’s new with LightKey

LightKey is one of my favorite “intermediate-level” lighting consoles, and a lot of that is due to the powerful programming shortcuts you can use. See my favorites here! There are a lot of consoles out on the market today but LightKey remains one of my all time favorites. Let’s talk

2021 has brought a lot of great improvements to the LightShark. Let’s dive in and look at my favorites, and how they can make your show great! A little bit earlier this summer the Lightshark team put out their effects engine update as well as a couple minor updates on

Use the LightShark? These are my favorite tips and shortcuts when I’m using the LightShark. Favorite Features When it comes to Lightshark there are a ton of new features to discuss and get up to date on, but first let’s talk about and make everyone aware of the amazing features

ONYX 4.6 has a LOT of new stuff under the hood, but these are four of my favorites. Check them out, and become a better ONYX programmer today! New Features There is some really amazing, mind-blowing stuff in the new version of ONYX that will help make programming easier and

When it comes to ONYX, there are a lot of shortcuts that I like to make my life easier. Here are four of my favorites! There are a ton of features available in ONYX to save time and frustration when it comes to programming lighting. If you are just starting

Whether you think it’s necessary or not, focusing on your programming can enable you to lower your stress level AND create better lighting. Here’s why! When it comes to programming there are usually two different ways people dive in. One being that you learn everything possible that you can with