If you want a multi-purpose uplight and par with wireless control, here are 3 options you really want to look at and my top pick! When you are looking at getting battery powered wireless PARS it is important to compare the products out there and decide which is right for

One of the most common questions I get is “Do I Need a DMX Splitter”? And while I’d like to give a “blanket” answer that covers all situations, it isn’t quite that simple. In this article, I want to share with you what a DMX splitter does, and then help

When it comes to lobby and entry lighting, there are a couple of things to avoid – and a few things you need to make sure not to miss. Get them in today’s video! Creating an interesting and dynamic environment for your show does not necessarily require you to spend

It used to be that we just used simple DMX cable out of our console to our lights to control everything. Today, it’s becoming more and more common to use Art-Net and sACN – common forms of networked DMX – to control our lights. If you’re not familiar with these

Controlling room and lobby lighting out of your console isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. Grab my workflow for setting up a console to control multiple sets of room lighting while still keeping the event dynamic in this video. Environmental Lighting Without A Console Oftentimes you will

Lighting the Environment around your stage can be one of the best ways to make an event truly remarkable. Here are my top (2) tips to get it done easily! Lighting the areas around your venue is an important part of putting on a great show because it creates the

I asked the audience if there was something they would like me to cover in one of my videos and got some great questions from Mike who wanted to hear more about my stage lighting journey. In this video I’m going to answer: How did you become interested in stage

Lighting for the camera is more common then ever before – even off a stage! In this video, I show you how to use some video lights from GVM to create a great look. Setting up video lighting for a video shoot rather than lighting a stage is a bit

The last step to great hybrid or livestream event lighting is to balance your audience lighting. In this video, I show you what and how to make your audience lighting really shine for the camera – and the in-room experience! Lighting the audience during your show to make it look

Balancing stage lighting, video lighting and the camera can be difficult. Let me show you how to optimize all 3 together for your next hybrid or live stream event! Balancing Video and Lighting When we talk about running a hybrid event and having some element of both video and non-video