Timecode allows us to automate our lighting in a way that we only have to do setup on the lighting console side – no complex triggers in our DAW or playback software. Here’s how it works, and how to get started! Timecode Timecode allows you to play an audio or

Can you run a lighting show with 100% automation as a gigging band? Great question, and one a lot of lighting professionals are curious about! In this video, We Three and David collaborate to show you how to make a very dynamic show happen in LightKey! If you are a

Let’s discover how to run lights via backing tracks through MIDI or OSC commands. What programs do you need, and how do they work together? This month we are discussing everything you need to know about automation. Let’s talk about automating your lighting with backing tracks! Lighting Automation What is

When you’re gigging as a small band or run the worship for a small church, choosing to automate some or all of your lighting can make a HUGE difference in the impact you make. Learn the basics of “why” here and what steps you need to take BEFORE you automate.

There are more houselights on the market than ever before, and today I’m going to look at a mid-sized RGBW houselight from GAMMA LED Vision. Is it the houselight for your church or venue? Find out here! The GAMMA Penn is a medium sized houselight. There are actually three houselights

Often times what you need to really make your stage pop and to make a big impact during your show isn’t something you’re going to find from a stage lighting manufacturer at all. Besides standard stage lights, we can use THIS to make a big impact on our stage on

3/22/2021 Choosing The Right Lights for a Small Venue

If you buy lighting for a small venue or church, then you need to know these tips for choosing lights that will actually work and make a big impact in your space. When choosing lighting for your small venue, there are a lot of options so it’s important to know

Small Venue Lighting 101

When it comes to working in a small venue or church, you often don’t have a space to place a large lighting console. So what’s a person to do in order to get the control that works for both shows/services and other events? When it comes down to it, control

Learn Stage Lighting Podcast

Welcome to the Learn Stage Lighting Podcast and today we’re discussing three types of console setups that will work for any size venue. Main Segment (0:12) Choosing a Console For Different Venue Sizes David: What I wanted highlight today is some different options and what people might head for in

small venue lighting 101

When you work in a small venue, It’s critical to light the whole space for the biggest impact. The good news? It doesn’t take much. In this post we’re going to discuss tips for lighting your small venue while keeping the environment of the entire show in mind to give