Run Audio, Lights, and Video Together: LiveTraker Review

Oct 14, 2022

A question I often receive is: “What program can someone use to trigger lights, play videos, and music?”

The truth is that I didn’t have an all-in-one solution that could solve all of that in one program. LiveTraker reached out and asked me to do an honest review of their software that is supposed to be able to do all of these things well….so let’s find out!

In this tutorial, I’ll share my honest review and give you a brief overview of how LiveTraker works.

LiveTraker is a software that works on both Macs and PCs. It’s designed to manage band performances, which allows you to play and control audio, videos, midi, clicks, and more.

Getting Started

When getting started with LiveTraker, the company does recommend installing the program on a USB Drive. Then from there, you can run the program on as many computers as you need to from that thumb drive.

You can try the demo version of LiveTraker or buy it here!

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Once you have the software downloaded and you launch LiveTraker, you will need to create your first bank. To do this, click “Bank Options” in the center of the screen, select “New Bank”, name it and click “Proceed”.

Banks are basically shows or set lists where you can organize your music.

Once you’ve created a new bank, you’ll then have the ability to start uploading music files to LiveTraker. To do this, on the right of the screen, click the “+” to create a new song, title it, and click “Proceed”.

You’ll see the song saved on the right sidebar and any other songs you upload will be visible there. Once you’ve uploaded the music you will then be brought to the song editor screen.

Working with Audio, Video, and MIDI

To begin working with your audio, video, and other tracks you’ll be working on the song editor screen. On the lower right menu, you will see “Audio Track”. To add video, audio, or anything else you can either click the “+” or you can drag and drop your files into LiveTraker.

On the top, you’ll notice a “Track View” and a “Sequence View”. When you click the “Sequence View”, you’ll notice that you can have multiple tracks as well as 32 channels of audio output.

When you’re wanting to add a video or a different type of file, make sure you are on the “Sequence View”. On the bottom, drop-down, select your file type, then click the “+”, and select the file you want to upload.

If you want to add in your MIDI tracks, you would follow the same steps to upload it to LiveTraker. One note I wanted to add and would love to see in the future is for LiveTraker to be able to create MIDI tracks. Currently, you will have to use an outside program such as Abelton to do this.

Once you’ve uploaded your files, you can then edit your video, audio, and MIDI Tracks as needed. By selecting the files, you can extend your video file by just dragging it to meet the length of the song or as needed.

In the right sidebar, you will see additional options and different settings you can use. When you’re done making changes just click the green “Save and Go Back” button on top.

When you’re done, you can just click “Play” and you’ll see your video, MIDI tracks, and music play as you originally set up.

Lastly, if there are any program settings you want to change, just click “Preferences” on the top, make the needed changes, and click “Save Preferences”.

Is It Right For You?

Overall, as I work more with LiveTraker I am impressed with what it can do because it does what they say it will and it does it well.

This is a program that can bring in audio, video, MIDI tracks, and so much more all in one software. I will definitely be working with LiveTraker in the future and creating more tutorials on how to use it.


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