SoundSwitch – Is it a Good Controller for DJ Lighting?

Oct 12, 2022

Today, we’re going to get an overview of how to use SoundSwitch, a known DJ lighting controller. SoundSwitch is a different controller for me to use because it’s designed for DJ lighting.

Overall, I am impressed with SoundSwitch, the capabilities to work with other software, programming lights with BPM, and the control you have with your lights. Let’s dive in and explore what SoundSwitch can do for you.

If you’re already using a DJ program, like most mobile DJ’s already are, then why not pair up with a lighting software that can integrate with it?

SoundSwitch, has a lot of great features but the one of perks of using this program is that it has the capability to integrate with other programs. This helps make your life a little easier.

Getting Started

SoundSwitch works with both PCs and Macs. To get started with SoundSwitch, you can either download the demo version: Soundswitch Demo Download

Or, you can check pricing or purchase it here: SoundSwitch Pricing Info

When you first launch SoundSwitch, you have two options. You can either click “Edit” or “Perform”. The “Perform” mode allows you to sync your DJ program and will connect your lights.

When you go to “Edit” mode, this is where you’re going to program and set up your lights and music. If you’re just getting started, then I would recommend using the Walkthrough option.

To use this, just go to the top menu bar, click “Help”, and select “Walk Through”. This will guide you in setting up your lights and different abilities you can use in the program.

Synchronizing Your Lights and Music

One of the favorite features I’ve noticed so far is how you’re able to synchronize you lights and you music inside of SoundSwitch.

Inside of SoundSwitch, you can select a part of the song, drag, and drop either effects, colors, or movements of the lights. This ability give you the specific control of what your lights can do during parts of the song.

Every DJ or even a lighting tech knows that there will always be songs you have to pre-program ahead of time. Yes, it’s time consuming and can even be a pain but SoundSwitch definitely makes this task a little easier.

If you’re not concerned with breaking down lighting or effects for a certain song, there is another option. On the top menu bar, go to “Automation” and click “Auto-Script”. This will pull up a box where you can adjust the automation settings for that song.

Depending on if it’s a slow song or an upbeat song, you can change the different settings to match the song. When you’re done making changes, just click “Start” and the changes will apply.

Using a MIDI Controller

If you want to work with a MIDI controller, SoundSwitch does a great job of integrating with most controllers. To set up and use your MIDI controller with SoundSwitch you’ll want to go back to the top bar, select “File” and then click “Switch Mode”. Instead of selecting edit, click “Perform”.

When using a MIDI Controller, you have a lot of great options to work with. You can use Autoloops, Static Looks, and easily be able to update your MIDI Controller however you want to.

This really gives you free rein on doing what you need to with your music and lights. You can easily bounce between the two modes of Edit and Perform.

Lastly, another great benefit with SoundSwitch is if you have different groups of lights or even different venues. You can set these different groups up by using the Perform mode.

Is SoundSwitch Right For You?

Overall, SoundSwitch is a very solid program with a lot of different features to offer. Working with it for a couple of days it hasn’t had any bugs or performance issues. It also works with both Mac and PC products.

Now, it’s not a good fit for churches, bands, or production company this is not the program for you. If you are a DJ, then SoundSwitch may be a great option for you to work with.

If you haven’t decided yet or you’re on the fence, then definitely try the demo version. SoundSwitch does offer a monthly subscription which can be good if you decide to take a break or if it isn’t right for you.

As a DJ, this is the type of program that really gives you the control of your lights and the show. You have the option of auto-scripting your music or you can go into full detail and it’s not hard to set up. If utilized correctly, this can really help your DJ business and services stand out over others in your area.


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