1002 - It's Video, Y'all! How to Make Video a Part of a Lighting Show

Season #1

Today we’ll be talking a little bit about video. Why video? These disciplines complement each other and work closely together.

The start of Todays show comes from the latest issue of the PLSN Magazine and of what’s going on in the world featuring some new gear from ADJ, info on LED Walls  and how to combine Video with DMX Fixtures.


00:00 Introduction 

07:40 Info about the Coldplay Sphere’s

08:52 Video is Lighting and how to integrate video into lighting and vice-versa

10:02 2 ways a video product can get signal

11:36 Pixel Strips/Pixel Mapping

13:50 Combining Video (Normal video Playback) with DMX fixtures, how does that work? 

14:52 Using Onyx (Dylos) or Enttec ELM where it receives content from the video team

16:50 Diving deeper into LED Walls / Selling LED Walls

22:40 What’s new in Lighting? The ADJ WMX1 Controller