1004 - Lighting When Your Stage Has No Depth

Season #1

We often encounter stage that have no depth, sometimes they are extremely wide. How do you make the stage look deeper? In this episode will give you some tips and talk about some products that can help you achieve this! 



00:58 Introduction

02:29 Lighting When Your Stage Has No Depth

03:32 What is a Flex Stand?

06:35 No stage depth? What do we do?

06:55 Use Flex Stands or similar

8:40 Use backlight

11:32 Use fixtures that cover a lot of space

15:36 You can also use Pixel Strips

16:56 Closing remarks




Gamma Pixels Strips: https://www.learnstagelightinggear.com/search?options%5Bprefix%5D=last&pf_t_category=Pixel&pf_v_vendor=GAMMA+LED+Vision&q=Gamma+pixel+strips

Eliminator Frost FX Bar: https://www.learnstagelightinggear.com/products/frost-fx-bar-rgbw

Chauvet Colorband Pix-M:  https://www.learnstagelightinggear.com/search?q=colorband+pix+m

Flex stand https://www.learnstagelightinggear.com/products/flexstand


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