2001: Who is David Henry and Why is He An Expert?

Season #2

We are back, with double the power as we add a new member, Crystal, to the Podcast! In this episode we’ll be taking it way back to when we started Learn Stage Lighting and some history about why it started.



01:17 Introducing Crystal and some background about her.

03:33 LDI and the impact David had on people with the Podcast.

05:27 How David and Crystal met.

06:31 How Learn Stage Lighting started.

11:50 Why should people trust David’s information and judgement in Lighting (some history on David too)

17:41 Learn Stage Lighting Labs

21:07 Learn Stage Lighting Gear and why David started it and what the goal of Learn Stage Lighting Gear is.

26:33 What’s the goals for 2023 for David Henry, and all the branches of Learn Stage Lighting.


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