2002 - What's the frequency Kenneth!? Wireless DMX explained!

Season #2

Wireless DMX is such a cool thing to have and to use, but oh boy have we seen some mishaps, In this episode we'll help you to get the right device, and to make the right decisions when using wireless DMX



01:09 Introducing today’s topic of wireless DMX 

01:52 What is wireless DMX and components. 

05:12 Wireless lifespan and is it reliable? 

06:12 When should you use Wireless? 

11:43 Every brand does have a wireless system. 

13:44 The cost of these wireless DMX 

17:48 What megahertz should be use and venue sweep of frequencies. 

22:28 What are ISM frequencies? 

25:31 How can I set yourself up for success with wireless DMX 

28:01 What to look for to ensure a reliable wireless system.  

30:14 Will it help if I take all the phones away in the venue? 

31:08 Do all wireless system do RDM? 


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