2003 - What Do I Need When Looking For a Quote for New Lighting?

Season #2

What do you need to consider when purchasing gear? In this episode we'll guide you into making the right decisions!



01:19 Introducing today’s topic.

02:16 What information do we need to help you make a purchase

04:42 Cameras and Lighting

05:37 What measurements do I need to provide?

08:00 Cameras are always there, whether a cell phone or professional camera

09:53 Replace some lights – or all the lights?

13:53 How to preserve your lights to last longer?

16:15 Using Relays in your lighting system.

18:12 Dirty Power

21:38 Making the most out of what you have - Matching equipment to your budget and needs

25:44 Use someone professional when buying and installing lights

29:25 Things to keep in mind with budgeting and costs involved with buying gear.

35:21 We now offer custom flight cases on LearnStageLightingGear.com

37:08 Closing


ETA Relays: https://www.e-t-a.com/products/relays_solid_state_remote_power_controllers/overview/

ETC Foundry Panel: https://www.etcconnect.com/Products/Architectural-Systems/Foundry/Mini-Panels/Features.aspx

Elation RP2 https://www.elationlighting.com/rp2


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