2005 - "Testing, Testing. 1,2,3." David's Fixture Testing Process for Learn Stage Lighting Gear Reviews

Season #2

Testing Fixtures, We dive into how we test fixtures - How we recommend you should test them with or without a console and what we do when reviewing fixtures on our Learn Stage Lighting YouTube Channels.




00:54 Introduction

03:08 How does David decide what fixtures to review on Learn Stage Lighting Gear

06:49 Top Picks on Learn Stage Lighting Gear

07:37 Do you read the manual? Unlike many of us.

08:34 Tell us your general process for reviewing fixtures?

12:15 Crystal has a good question about photometric length.

13:00 David looks at the performance of the light and where he would possibly use the light.

19:07 Our different YouTube channels

20:30 Do you test the light before you record the review video?

23:10 Has David ever had a dissatisfaction about a light that he reviewed?

26:41 What are demo fixtures and how does it work?

32:43 Should you look under the hood of your lights?

33:29 How can you test a light without a console.

36:34 Is there a difference between testing a used light vs new out of the box?

40:00 Is there anything exciting new light that you want to get your hands on?

42:38 Product reviews we can expect to see.

43:10 BREAKING NEWS: Transworld has a new tradeshow – East Coast Haunters Convention

45:37 Where to find us?

46:57 Closing




City Theatrical DMX Cat: https://www.citytheatrical.com/products/electronic/other-electronic/dmxcat-multi-function-test-tool

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