3002 - From Planning to Execution you shows. New Gear from Martin and Do Hazers really affect your health?

Season #3

In this episode well be focusing on the Planning and Execution of your shows, we chat about some new Gear and if Chinese fixtures are worth it!


00:57 Introduction/Welcome

01:21 What is our topic for this week?

01:44 Planning a show

02:21 David’s take on Planning a show

03:16 Some key things to remember when planning your show.

04:21 Why is it so important to do as much as possible ahead of time?

05:47 Power

06:55 Pre-Planning and Preparation

09:07 Should you attend rehearsals as a lighting tech?

09:46 How important is a lighting plot?

11:06 Writing down Ideas

12:03 Learning from other designers

12:29 A recent show David did

14:31 Working in sync with other departments

15:20 Have fun while doing your events and shows

16:19 Do Haze/Smoke machines affect your health?

20:10 Above AVL

21:15 The Martin Mac Viper returns full LED

25:09 Does more Lumens mean brighter?

27:07 The Martin Mac 2000

30:29 Are knock-off brands really that bad?


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