3003 - The Martin Mac Viper xIP, New Fixtures and some cool gear from Mega-Lite

Season #3

The Cat's out the bag, the new fixture from Martin is a LED version of the Mac Viper! We look at some new fixtures from Ayrton, ADJ, ETC and some innovating gear from Mega-Lite!


00:56 Introduction

01:45 New fixtures at Prolight & Sound

01:56 New Ayrton Kyalami

02:45 Discussing the Kyalami

05:10 The Martin Mac Viper xIP

05:20 Discussing the Viper

05:54 How IP ratings work

08:14 Is the Viper 1100 Watt or 760 Watt?

09:41 What do we like about Martin?

10:02 You can control the Viper with NFC

12:15 The ETC ColorSource Par Jr

13:21 What we like about this fixture

14:55 Do you always gain running fixtures in an extended mode?

15:57 The ADJ Electra Pix

16:03 How long does it take to ship fixtures after launch?

16:45 Taking a look at the ADJ Electra PIX

17:10 Background LED’s

18:35 The floor stand is a bit different

19:04 Capture Celebrates 30 years in the industry

20:03 Talking about trackers and follow spot systems.

25:22 New lights from Mega-Lite

30:23 A Lighting Console from Mega-Lite

31:50 Closing



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