3004 - How to not burn out and look after yourself, New Producs from DVS and Onyx v4.10

Season #3

Burnout frequently occurs in the entertainment sector, with excessive work often cited as the primary cause, but is that true?

How can one navigate through this challenging phase and ensure self-care while working in this industry? 

We take a look at some new Products from DVS and Onyx v4.10


00:57 Introduction

02:10 Our topic for today

03:10 What causes burnout?

04:14 Are long working hours the main cause of burnout

04:59 JP’s opinion on burnout and what has caused him to burnout

07:19 Taking a look at burnout caused by unrealistic expectations you place on yourself.

08:27 Keep yourself physically healthy

09:42 Our recommendations on getting out of the burnout phase

  •  Making sure you have people outside of your daily life that can help you get back on track.

11:20 Try to be honest with yourself about the problem so that you can determine how to resolve it

12:03 Our thoughts on the new Onyx version 4.10

12:35 What are some of the new features in Onyx?

14:26 Our favorite new features in the new version of Onyx

  •  Dylos BPM Sync
  •  NDI Input

18:52 Networking plays a larger role in lighting than ever before

19:33 Backup Lighting Consoles and why they are important

21:35 A new LED Wall from DVS

31:39 Closing


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