Is it Possible to Create Amazing Lighting Even if You're on a Tight Budget?

The Dynamic Range of Light

Getting started with lighting can be difficult.  What tools do you need?  How do you know if what you're buying or using is the right solution?  

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What are we all about at Learn Stage Lighting?

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Every post and page written on Learn Stage Lighting is designed with changing your lighting in mind.  

Simple to Understand

This isn't fluff-filled jabber, just simple, action-oriented training.  

The goal is to make every page accessible to beginners, but advanced enough that seasoned lighting folks can get something out of it too.

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Around 10,000 people come to Learn Stage Lighting every month - and I'm so glad to have you here!

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David - Learn Stage Lighting

David Henry

Learn Stage Lighting Founder​

Who Writes This Stuff?

My lighting journey began back in 2005, when I almost simultaneously agreed to help with a school play and run lights at my church.

Over the next few years, I began to get experiences lighting bands, church events, weddings, fashions shows and corporate meetings.

This launched me into my first job - a entry-level employee at a small lighting company.

Over 10 years later, I've had the opportunity to light all kinds of events, and have found a love for sharing what I know with others, so that you can create great lighting too...​

6 weeks ago, I knew nothing at all about stage lighting but knew that somehow I wanted to create a decent 'mini stadium' light show for my band.

Fortunately I came across David and LSL online.

He has a very practical, clear approach, explaining which systems and products to use, essential lighting techniques and how to create a convincing show when you're starting out on a budget.

I'm now confidently programming and sequencing quite complex DMX light shows for the band.

Am I an expert at it?

Far from it.

Have I discovered a new lifelong passion?

Absolutely!  I strongly recommend this site.

Pete Greenfield
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Learn Stage Lighting has helped me create an overview of which "tools" are available when creating a light show to support and enhance the mood and audience experience of each individual song and the whole show in general.

Good lighting elevates the total perception of a performance compared to just focusing on the music.

Søren Rasmussen
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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