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What to Expect

Learn Stage Lighting in 2015

What to Expect, and What to Get Excited About in 2015 Hey Guys, I am really excited for 2015 in the LearnStageLighting.com world.  2014 was a really fun and exciting year, and I can’t wait to see what 2015 has to offer. More than ever, I’ve had the ability lately to dialogue with many of […]

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Stage Lighting Basics

Stage Lighting Basic Gear + Q&A for The Church

How to Get Started With Basic Stage Lighting at Your Church The top few questions I get from viewers here on LSL all have a similar ring to them: How do I get started with stage lighting? What LED fixture is the best for my church? What is the basic gear for a stage lighting […]


How Do I Use Color Effectively?

If you open your eyes, and you’re like most people, you see color. I know this is simplifying it a good bit, but let’s think about just color for a minute.  If you’re not colorblind, you are constantly seeing and observing color.  Color is a fascinating thing that we can use in stage lighting to […]

Lighting Data Cable

I Can’t Use Mic Cable for DMX? DMX Vs. XLR Demystified

There is significant debate raging in the world of DMX cables. Some people are purists and claim that nothing besides a 5-pin XLR is acceptable, but then they encounter pieces of gear that only have 3-pin plugs – so what you gonna do? The fact is, there’s a lot of confusion out there with how […]

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The Basics of Band Lighting

This post is the 1st in a series of posts on band lighting that I invite you to check out – You can see all of the other posts right over here! Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc Most, if not all of us, have been to some kind of rock concert at some time of […]